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Does Brexit Mean Brexit or Does Brexit Mean Branding?

The great theme of ‘Brexit-time Britain’ is inconsistency and uncertainty, characterised last week in Theresa May’s resignation. Now, this uncertainty and inconsistency does not necessarily stem as much from the way people voted as it does from the way Brexit has been handled and perceived since the vote. This has left many disenfranchised by the political zoo which Parliament seems to have become in recent times. As the figurehead of Britain’s democracy and government, Parliament’s MPs have done little of late to instil trust in Britain’s population.

Parliament is to Britain what branding is to a business, or at least should be. Branding is the visible and tangible facade of your online operation; it sets your tone of voice and exists to inspire trust in your target market. Therefore, when it comes to branding, don’t be like Brexit.

Consistency and Clarity

Political persuasions aside, the lack of consistency and clarity shown across the board from Britain’s leading political parties, as well as their individual members, has been troublesome to say the least. Much like branding, these individuals and parties should operate to instil trust and reassurance amongst their audience; however they have failed spectacularly in doing so. Unlike Brexit-time-Britain’s Government, a strong brand is based on a consistent message, tone of voice and image. These three factors go a long way in instilling faith in an audience.

No Delivery + Deliberation = Disenfranchisement

Britons, having waited nearly 3 years to see how the government will leave the EU, are growing increasingly aware that the only two options currently on the table are a no-deal Brexit or a second referendum. Though campaigning and petitioning can be effective political tools, there is little really that the average Briton can do to change this state of affairs. This however is politics; imagine instead this was a clothes brand, a plumbing service or a hairdresser. In these circumstances the customers would simply go elsewhere for the service they required due to dissatisfaction and disenfranchisement. Unfortunately for voters though, they are only allowed a say when they are allowed to vote.

The key here is trust. Due to the failings of Parliament, many voters have all but lost trust in their local and national representatives to serve the nation with their best interests at heart. When a company, or indeed a government, make promises and claims which they cannot keep or deliver upon, then not only do they fail their clientele, but they lose their all-important trust. As mentioned previously, the British people cannot all simply migrate to another country to find a more suitable government, but prospective or current customers will look for other businesses should one fail to deliver on promises made to them. Therefore, in terms of branding it is essential that your clientele are aware that you deliver on your promises and maintain their best interests.

How to Build an Un-Brexit-Like Brand

Well, first and foremost, take a long look at Britain’s leading politicians and completely ignore everything they have done since summer 2016. In order to create a great brand you must consider your audience, their needs, their age, their financial capabilities, the list goes on. Once you have truly honed in on exactly what your target audience need and want, then you can cultivate the face of your business which will entice them to your products or services. Make sure that they know you are the only brand for them, and they’ll never look elsewhere if you deliver on your promises.

Since the referendum in 2016, pretty much everybody involved has been criticised heavily for being inconsistent, untruthful, lazy, unreliable and all manner of other things! These are not words you want to be associated with your business, and it all comes down to branding. Make sure that your audience know that you are a reliable expert in your field, with all of the experience and know-how to deliver exactly what they want, when they want it. If you require that sort of branding strategy, then get in touch today.



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