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Relevant, Responsive, Constant: Why your Brand Needs Social Media Marketing

Sharing is caring, is it not? This is the wonderful thing about social media; in spite of its bad rep for being superficial and addictive, it is still a platform to show that you care. You care about your business; you care about your industry; and most importantly, you care about your consumers. In a world where technological advancement is at the forefront and human communication is slipping somewhat by the wayside, showing that you care is one of the greatest ways to boost your brand awareness and drive your business to success. As a digital marketing agency, the team at Christian Michaels know the benefits of social media marketing are plentiful, but we are going to share the most prominent with you now, because we care too. Wow, we’ve said care a lot. Care to learn more?

Social Media Marketing Led by Empathy

Social media is all about forming relationships – not in the “are you official on Facebook” sense, but in a “shared experiences / we understand what you want and we can give it to you” sense. Like any good relationship, its success comes down to balance and understanding. By being acutely aware of who your audience is, what they want, and how you can help, you can create a targeted social media marketing strategy that is a balance of brand promotion and posts which are sure to entice your audience.

Project Your Brand Identity with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the ultimate brand recognition machine. Behind this machine sits your digital marketing team of social media and graphic design genies, who are key to getting your brand known for all the right reasons. By creating eye-catching branded posts through graphic design and maintaining a consistent tone of voice, you enable your audience to become familiar with your brand and your brand message. These are the foundations from which you can grow an online community who will share and interact with your social media content, ever-increasing your outreach.

An Active Social Media Presence Builds Trust

The italics was no accident. When we talk about social media marketing, it isn’t just a couple of posts a day to keep things ticking over – at least that’s not how we work at Christian Michaels. Our social media marketing strategy is proactive and reactive. That means everything that we post targets your audience in the most fruitful way and we constantly seek new opportunities to make your brand stand out amongst the rabble. It also means that when things are trending, we respond and join in with the conversation to create greater brand awareness. By doing this, we show your audience that you are relevant, current, and social which gives your brand credibility and familiarity, and builds trust. Say hello to increased sales and enquiries and an early retirement!

Social Media Marketing Drives Traffic to Your Website

Ordinarily signs for heavy traffic are a nauseating norm driving home after a long day. Ordinarily, heavy traffic is the last thing we need. However, when heavy traffic is directed to your website, it’s quite the opposite (did someone say champagne?). By harnessing the powers of social media, your digital marketing team can create click-worthy posts which will send your followers directly to your website, which is exactly where you need them. From this point, your website must work its magic in order to convert you visitors into customers. Securing your sales and enquiries comes down to conversion rate optimisation, or CRO – something that we know a thing or two about here at Christian Michaels. You can learn more about CRO in our blog.

Paid Social Media Hits Your Target Audience

It’s like regular social media marketing, with a shot of adrenaline. Paid social media is the means by which your business is put directly in front of your target audience. It can reach beyond the limits of your number of followers, has far greater targeting abilities (e.g. demographic specifications such as people with similar interests can be targeted), and is an opportunity to get creative with tailored campaigns. Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, paid social media campaigns can be crafted to accomplish a specific result such as increased clicks through to your website, get a larger number of likes, app downloads, improved local brand awareness, promotion of an event, and offer claims. As a digital marketing agency, we create and manage paid social campaigns to achieve optimum results.

Ask anyone; social media marketing is no longer an option. So much more than a generic post, your social media strategy must be smart, decisive, and captivating – which takes time. If you want to boost your business and push your brand in the hall of household-name fame, get in touch with the team at Christian Michaels today – we’ll take care of everything!

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