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3 Tips To Create AdWords That Will Drive Clicks From Your Target Audience

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is an effective method of driving traffic to the website’s of small businesses who find it challenging to establish their own place on page one of the search engines. Page one of Google is often dominated by companies who have spent years solidifying their place there, making it a slow-burning process for startups and SMEs. AdWords offers a solution to this by allowing companies to occupy a coveted space at the top of page one; but these adverts are only successful if they’re done right. Use our 3 tips for optimum AdWords success.

1. Device Specific Bidding

In order to really stand out amongst the big guns, AdWords need to be created specifically for the needs of your target audience. AdWords are highly customisable and give us tools to add depth and nuance to our listings that help make them as compelling as possible. Device specific bidding is an effective way of doing this; through analytics, we can assess how your website is being viewed i.e on what smart device. If the listing is being accessed through, for example, a mobile device more than a desktop, you can add more of a bid to mobile device adverts so campaigns are optimised for the devices that are most popular to the user.

2. Provide 3 to 5 Ads Per Ad Group

You might think this is overdoing it but if you optimise your ads correctly, there’s no reasons why you shouldn’t use multiple ads for each ad group. The AdWords system innovatively knows what will perform best for what context and what ads will appeal to different users at different times. The more ads you provide, the more options AdWords will have to drive the best performance for you. Google statistics support this notion as ad groups with three or more ads receive up to 15% more clicks and conversions than ones with less, providing that they optimise their rotations correctly.

3. Make The Most of Relevant Ad Extensions

Extensions are a brilliant way of making your AdWords more appealing to the user. Ads with more extensions are typically clicked more than those without because they’re helpful and offer the user more value. There are many extensions you can take advantage of such as site link, structured snippet, price, location, review etc, but you should only choose the ones that are pertinent to your business. Make the most of Ad extensions and your AdWords will be enriched with useful content for your target audience.

As a Manchester-based digital agency with experience in driving local businesses to the top, we love helping small businesses carve out their own place at the top of Google listings. We know how to make your conversion rate soar so get in touch with us to find out more about our expert PPC campaigns.

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