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5 Simple Email Marketing Solutions to Boost Your Campaigns

Email marketing has undergone a huge revolution over the past decade. Now, email marketing campaigns have the capacity to impress openers like never before as we have plenty of innovative, intelligent tools in our arsenal to work with. Email marketing is now about more than simply rehashing text-heavy sales pitches: we can be creative and utilise a range of features to craft the most eye-catching, attractive and convincing email marketing campaigns. We’ve come up with 5 easy-to-implement email marketing solutions that will give your statistics a welcome boost.

1. Use Retina Images

Retina screens are on the rise as companies like Apple are making devices that have a larger pixel density than ever before. This gives us the capacity to use high quality, retina-optimised images that look incredible on retina display devices, adding vibrancy and high colouration to our email marketing campaigns. Instead of having fuzzy, low definition images that are easily dismissed and forgotten, retina displays give us the option of using eye-catching and memorable images that will beautifully accompany the text of the email. To keep the email’s loading time to a minimum and maximise user experience, we can compress our images with useful applications like ImageOptim and JPEGmini.

2. More ALT Text

Image blocking is a common problem in email marketing. Without images as a visual representation of your message, it can be harder to convey the point of your email. This is where ALT text comes in as ALT text is displayed when the image isn’t, compensating for the lost image. Not many marketers capitalise on using ALT text but they should so that the effect of emails isn’t compromised because of the unavoidable loss of images.

3. Make Use of Animated GIFS

Add some spark and excitement to your email marketing campaigns by utilising animated GIFS. Gifs add a bit of life and intrigue to emails; there’s room to be playful and introduce some humour that will only add to the memorability of your emails. GIFs are a great way to grab the readers attention and draw attention to certain elements of the email like the CTA or a particular service that you’d like to emphasise.

4. A/B Test Your Previews

Subject lines are so important as they pretty much determine whether or not a subscriber opens the email or not but preview text gives recipients a look at the first line of the email. Preview text is a snippet of writing pulled in from the body of your email and typically displayed underneath the from name and subject line in a subscriber’s inbox. Rather than letting it do this, there’s scope for us to use the preview text strategically and optimise it with A/B testing.

5. Use a Responsive Email Design

Google made designing a mobile version of a website non-negotiable last year and the same rings true for emails. As most traffic driven to websites comes from mobile devices, adopting a responsive email design is advisable so that we can give the user greater accessibility. In order to really maximise the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, mobile experience has to be a priority and all marketers need to make sure they’re providing the best mobile experience they can.

As specialists in creating successful email marketing campaigns, we know exactly what to do to make your emails work. Aside from these 5 useful suggestions, there are a range of other tools we can capitalise on. Get in touch with us if you want to create an email marketing campaign that your subscribers will look forward to.



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