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Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising And How A Digital Agency Can Help

With approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users, it should come as no surprise that Facebook is wellspring of resources when it comes to advertising. Most of us have experienced a Facebook advert on our timelines because Facebook artfully but effectually weaves them in amongst all the updates as we scroll up and down.

However, what most people are unaware of is the vast reach and efficiency of these adverts. Restricted in the domain of their own timelines and uninformed of the effects of Facebook advertising, people are oblivious to the impact that these adverts are having on other people. Thousands of impressions are made and thousands of website visits can be delivered. But, only if you know how.

The Christian Michaels Digital Marketing Agency are here to give you knowledge of Facebook advertising that isn’t disclosed to the average user. Any business owner that wants to boost their online profile through social media should consider Facebook advertising. We’re here to demonstrate how a professional digital marketing agency can help your business reach numbers that you thought were unreachable by utilising Facebook advertising.

Bespoke Advert Creation

Adverts are completely bespoke. They will aptly reflect your brand image with carefully selected images and accompanying text that will match your requirements. By using the expertise of a digital agency, these images can be optimised for quality so that audiences are experiencing the best possible visual projection of your business. Likewise, the accompanying text can be written expertly in such a way that your business is portrayed in an attractive, engaging and appealing fashion. This form of advertising is mindful of your business objectives: whether you want to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, sell a particular set of products, highlight your social media accounts or encourage more likes on your Facebook page- this innovative approach allows you the freedom and variety to curate adverts with a precision that will encourage engagement with exactly who you want.

Vast Amounts of User Data

Facebook possesses a vast amount of user data and information. You can tap into this data and use it to market your business via Facebook advertising. A digital marketing agency can draw from their expert knowledge in order to accurately determine who your advert should be shown to. They can also make certain that this target audience is reached. Through Facebook’s advanced targeting function, a digital marketing agency can filter the reach of your advert by all demographics: age, gender, location and even their interests. If you are targeting a specific market or want to reach an exact demographic, Facebook advertising allows you to do this using the data that’s available on peoples Facebook profiles.

Performance and Real Time Reporting

Through its accurate and detailed reporting system, you can monitor the performance of your adverts in a way that highlights what works and what doesn’t. This gives you the capacity to pinpoint what performs best with a particular audience so you can mirror this success in future adverts and ensure that your adverts perform better. Doing this independently is time-consuming and complicated, which is where an agency like ours can step in and manage these complexities, simplifying it for you. Through our experience, we are able to accurately assess what is working and we know how to implement this success in future campaigns.

Harness the power of Facebook advertising for your business but make sure that you’re doing it right by working with a professional digital marketing agency. We can utilise an enhanced targeting system whilst maintaining creative flexibility and we know how to do this with maximum efficacy. If you want your brand and your services to reach a wider audience, contact us to arrange your free consultation to discuss Facebook advertising.

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