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Instagram: How To Use The World’s Biggest Photo Sharing Platform As A Marketing Tool for Your Busin

With 400,000,000 monthly active users, Instagram has solidified itself amongst the social media giants of the internet. Surpassing Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest in its social reach, it has become the world’s most popular form of sharing visual content.

The prodigious number of users on Instagram says a lot about the effectiveness of visual content; interestingly, visual content generates 40x more shares than any other form of online content. This ability to engage online users on such a mass scale establishes Instagram as an indispensable marketing tool yet business owners are often left bemused about social media management. We’re able to offer some useful advice on how to maximise Instagram’s efficacy for your business.

1. Devise A Plan

As with any other social media platform, simply creating an Instagram account and posting content will not boost your follower count instantaneously. To garner a response from users with likes and followings, you need to begin by devising a marketing plan with some clear objectives and a realistic time frame.

Your Instagram growth will be a gradual, ongoing process so setting a goal will give your Instagram strategy some much needed structure and serve as a reference point that will allow you to evenly distribute the time you spend. Set a goal of attaining a certain number of followers and designate a time frame. This will allow you to monitor your growth rate and explicate the areas of success or failure.

2. Build Your Brand’s Recognisability With Hashtags

Hashtags are Instagram’s way of categorizing posts. The millions of images posted daily are filtered into the relevant feeds via these short hashtags so creating your own unique, signature tag will help cultivate a distinctive Instagram profile. Keep it short and make it memorable with witty play on words.

Hashtags drive engagement: posts with hashtags always get more responses than posts that don't so you must always tag your posts with relevant words and source hashtags that are popularly used.

3. Engage With Other Accounts

Follow users whose content in some way pertains to yours and like, comment and message them. Find content that resonates with you and respond to it as this will increase the likelihood of you getting engagement back on your own posts. Visit the accounts of your competition and engage with their posts too.

This might sound counter-productive but actually, it will expose you to your target audience who might not have been aware of you before. Instagram gives you few tools to work with, all of which involve engaging with other accounts: liking, commenting, messaging and hashtagging. Boost your visibility by using all of the tools at your disposal.

4. Choose Relevant Content To Share

When choosing the right content to post on your Instagram account, you must always consider your audience. You have to give your target audience a reason to follow and engage with your account by posting images that they want to see. Re-examine your audience, assess what they want and source images that will evoke a reaction from them. It might inspire them, provide them with relevant information or just be aesthetically pleasing: the host of reactions it could induce are varied but what you want is some form of positive response and not to be overlooked. You will ensure this by choosing relevant content.

Instagram can be a time-consuming, complex social media platform to incorporate into your marketing strategy but its usefulness has been proven. There are simply too many users on it to avoid using Instagram for your business and our Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester can help you with our social media expertise. As a social media agency with a wealth of experience in utilising Instagram for businesses, we can guide you. Contact us to discuss on 0161 312 8521 or email info@christianmichaels.net

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