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About the Google RankBrain Algorithm and How it Affects Your SEO

What is Google RankBrain? Any SEO specialist is aware that the search engine titans Google, Yahoo and Bing deploy a complicated search algorithm in order to determine how a page is ranked in their search engine results pages (SERP). To compensate for this complexity, Google have replaced its human algorithm engineers with RankBrain: a machine-learning, artificial intelligence system that is being utilized to maximise the number of pages searched per day and to compile their search results. As an innovative technological device in its ability to teach itself how to do something, it’s become a significant component in determining how a website ranks, so learning about its functionality is important. Why is it important?

Google themselves have stressed the importance of RankBrain in SEO by stating that it is now the third most important factor in attaining a high ranking in their search facility. It works to refine a search query and learn the intention behind what individuals search for based on the keywords that are inserted by each person. For example, if somebody searches for ‘best marketing agency in Manchester’, it could determine that ‘best marketing Manchester’ is more frequently searched for. Making its own informed decisions based on the number of searches certain keywords have, RankBrain shows the search results that it knows are searched for more frequently. This is significant as it is able to influence the order of search results within Google’s SERP as well as which results even appear on the search page. It is also extremely effective in redirecting unfamiliar search queries by making an informed assumption as to what words or phrases may have a similar meaning, rendering it very effective in dealing with infrequently searched queries. Its ability to do this makes it an invisible yet immensely helpful tool for the search engine user, demonstrating the merit of Google in improving its assistance to users.

As a machine-learning device that operates invisibly and unbeknownst to the average search engine user, Google RankBrain is a somewhat elusive aspect in Google’s search engine arsenal but what the invention of Google RankBrain does signify is the ever-changing nature of the SEO industry and why it is imperative to keep up with that change. By focusing on the quality of content published to websites/blogs and sharing that content across all of the digital marketing channels available to us, we are offering Google RankBrain a lot for its mechanical brain to work with. RankBrain has also reinforced the importance of SEO keyword selection, something that has always been at the forefront of a successful SEO Campaign. For help on how to best highlight your business in the vision of the mysterious Google RankBrain and for expert SEO, get in touch with us on 0161 312 8521.

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