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The Last Word Counts: Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a key driver of business success; you can’t run away from customers’ thirst for informative content if you expect people to get excited about your brand, since language drives the internet and what we ultimately get from it.

While not everyone is a natural copywriter, there are ways to circumvent content marketing issues that keep your copy from turning heads. As a content marketing agency in Manchester we’ve learnt one or two things about developing a content marketing strategy - including the mistakes to avoid at all cost. Ultimately, remember to be diligent about the quality and relevance of content you’re placing on your company’s pedestal…

Where’s The Strategy?

Posting a blog every other month when someone finally remembers isn’t content marketing. Equally, distributing an article at 11pm is likely to be a shot in the dark if you’re hoping to maximise the impact of your content. All great content marketing starts with a strategy; without it, we tend to lose focus and let things slip past our attention.

For this reason, a dedicated copywriter and content calendar is a must, solidifying your strategy and removing unnecessary hassle down the line. You’ll want to map out what you’re writing about, how often, and when to distribute it, creating a sense of routine and making your team accountable for its success.

Not Playful Enough

Remember that lined paper you used to write on at school, how awfully regimented it was? Or how you might glaze over when a shopping list is basically a torrent of bullet points stretching ad ifinitum? These are instances of dullness engineered through the disregard of our visual sensibilities. We’re visual creatures – make something stimulating to look at, and we’ll actually start to feel for it.

One or two striking photographs, graphics or infographics are a fantastic way to break up large blocks of text, so it’s not a lumbering juggernaut of information. Imagine what you might like to read, and what turns you off. Then aim for a style (font, layout, tone of voice) that’s both professional and inviting.

Going In Blind

To improve and refine your content strategy, it’s essential to track your audience’s response. Apart from shares and likes on social media, you should monitor on-site analytics, the impact on your search engine ranking, and ultimately the impact on key metrics such as enquiries and sales. Knowledge is key to finding out what works and what doesn’t.

As a content marketing agency in Manchester offering professional copywriting services, we encounter all sorts of clients who are at a loss about their content marketing strategy, and how to engage with their target market. That’s understandable, because no-one learns how to do it overnight. By staying clear of these oversights and partnering with a team of experienced content marketers and copywriters, you can develop a viable content marketing strategy for your business that lifts your brand to new heights.

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