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Why Manchester Is A Goldmine For Social-Savvy Businesses

We love Manchester, and we aren’t afraid to show it. If you’re an entrepreneur with an eye on the social media sphere, then you’ll likely have already scoped the city out for its work ethic, its dynamism, and the web of business acumen that can catapult new ventures into viable, exciting pastures of earning potential.

The social factor is crucial to mastering Manchester’s business scene, and a social media strategy with a local focus can be lucrative if you get it right. Let’s take a look at why Manchester is a goldmine for digital marketers, and how exactly you can build a groundswell of consumers from scratch…

The Pleasures Of Youth

According to the latest public intelligence reports for Greater Manchester, almost 34% of our urban population is within the 25-44 age bracket; 18% are aged 16-24. Combine these figures with the city’s well-regarded universities, and you’ll see why there is massive potential for business owners appealing to the young and the tech-conscious.

The Framework Is In Place

Many young entrepreneurs flock to Manchester for its vibrant startup scene and affordable office rates. The rise of co-working spaces has created a culture of collaboration in Manchester: social campaigns can quickly build up steam through cross-promotion of one another’s products or services.

Social-savvy businesses can also jump on the bandwagon of local hashtags. #eatMCR, for instance, is common amongst many an Instagram food post. Local pages like Chorlton Retweets are there specifically to encourage promotion on a grass-roots scale. Additionally, #manchesterhour kicks off every Thursday between 8-9pm, so you can enjoy social networking with switched-on users who actively hunt for local business news.

There’s So Much Going On

There’s a reason why we’re considered the second capital of the nation. Theatre, science, industry, music, street performance... Manchester is a hive of activity with plenty of opportunities to dive into the action and gain exposure for your business.

By engaging with the community and getting involved in Manchester events, you can build your following by posting about local developments and activities. Blogging about and reviewing your experiences can generate serious interest in your company, since people are always looking for another voice to guide them through what this place has to offer. Remember to link your musings back to your business, of course, but you don’t have to be scared of having an opinion that counts.

Social media is a fickle beast, but find a niche that works for your business and the sky really is the limit. Focusing on Manchester can prove invaluable for building rapport with your audience, especially when you have social media management support from an agency that knows the area inside out.

Manchester is all about fostering new, creative talent. If you need an expert, local marketing agency to get you the success you’re craving, call The Christian Michaels agency on 0161 312 8521, or send us a message. What we don’t know about digital marketing isn’t worth knowing.

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