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The Full Package: How A Marketing Plan Can Benefit You

Digital marketing is a many-armed beast that can be hard to tame to the exact specifications of your business. With so much to consider, having a full service digital agency on your side can ensure you go the right way about promoting your brand.

The Christian Michaels Agency has thought long and hard about what it takes for start-ups and SMEs to hit the ground running, and we’ve come up with some exciting new digital marketing packages. Without further deliberation, let us explain how a top-to-bottom online marketing agency can give your business the boost it deserves…

Your Brand Is Paramount

Brand identity is an essential consideration for any business. Coming up with a great logo and inviting designs doesn’t mean the end of the branding conundrum; it’s just the beginning, as you’ll have to implement consistency across all of your platforms, content and marketing collateral.

A digital marketing agency like ours in Manchester can work with you from the ground up, assessing what works and what doesn’t to ensure your marketing strategy is relevant and on-brand from the off. We’ll infuse the flavour of your company throughout every marketing channel, to help you engage with prospects and build loyalty amongst customers.

The Price Is Right

Start-ups aren’t the only ones strapped for cash in today’s climate. Even established ventures can be nervous of reaching for the big leagues when it requires a major investment in marketing. For this reason, it’s wise to partner with a digital agency that offers a transparent approach, with an all-inclusive plan you can budget for.

At just £99 per month, our entry level Entrepreneur package is a steal when you consider what it gives you – daily posting on two social media channels, promoting and sharing your developments, and a monthly industry-led article, all designed to drive traffic to your site. With no long-term contracts and the option to upgrade later, our flexible packages can work to even the most modest of marketing budgets.


We’re always thrilled to watch businesses blossom with our help, and we like to stick around and up the ante when your buzz is becoming difficult to ignore. Our intermediate and advanced digital marketing packages can scale to your requirements, keeping pace with an avalanche of positive engagement.

Our Pioneer service adds outbound link building to your repertoire, creating a bigger splash in the SEO waters. Beyond that, the Visionary package delves deeper into your social media networks, with more content each month, while relieving the stress of email marketing from your shoulders.

Want to capitalise on paid advertising opportunities? Our Legacy package will look at pushing your brand to the top of Google’s search results, using pay per click (PPC) and social media adverts to help you reach a much larger audience of relevant prospects.

Make your marketing plan more manageable with an all-inclusive plan from a full service digital marketing agency you can rely on. Whether you’re preparing for a headlong charge into new pastures, or looking to maintain online momentum, The Christian Michaels Agency is primed to give you expert digital marketing advice and support every step of the way.

For a full breakdown of what our packages include and how they can help your business to flourish online click here.

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