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Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016

The winds of web and graphic design are ever changing, and for good reason. Style can be born out of small innovations or the reinvigoration of old trends for a modern audience. Digital technology gives almost anyone a chance to invent and apply their inspiration to the screen, which only makes the race to a fresh trend all the more exhilarating.

Here are some of our favourite graphic design crazes from 2016 so far – they’re only adding to our toolbox, and we’re eager to see what else breaks through in the second half of the year…

Geometric Shapes

Geometric design, stemming from the Bauhaus school of architecture, is overtaking a lot of shapely graphic design choices, as people rediscover the pleasure of patterns etched in hard lines.

Minimalistic gradients of colour achieve a stunning effect overlaid on diamonds, squares, and triangles. Maze effects are also in vogue, but remember to keep them from being too intricate, lest a browser gets lost in your web…

Modular Web Design

Fitting snugly into the smartphone generation, modular web design makes a lot of sense for the modern tech consumer. Links and page buttons can be fiddly when you’re browsing on a tablet; the single page format relies on scrolling, and scrolling alone, to tell the narrative of your brand.

Modular design results in a smooth, cohesive progression from one idea to the next, giving your website a clean, tidy appearance without distracting from the message you’re trying to convey.

Hero Images

Motivational posters are popular for a reason – one panoramic sight of a gorgeous landscape, paired with the right message, hits us like a shot to the heart, appealing to our visual and emotional sensibilities.

Brands and graphic designers have cottoned on to the impact of a well-chosen ‘hero’ image when announcing their message to the world. Colour is very important to getting it right, so you have to think carefully about what complements your logo or text, while letting it stand out.


Achieved by sequencing a loop of different frames in a fixed image, cinemagraphs are taking off big-time in graphic design. They give the semblance of movement to an otherwise static scene, moving elegantly in high definition.

From wine cascading into a glass, to the slightest rustle of grass stalks on the foreground of a beach, there are endless applications of cinemagraph technology. They can do wonders for holding the attention of customers when they land on your website…

Since the very nature of web and graphic design means new ideas spring to life faster than they can be catalogued, there’s a lot more out there if you do a bit of digging. A digital agency such as ours can help you stay abreast of design trends, to ensure you continue to surprise and engage with your audience.

To discover how graphic design can lead to eureka moments for your brand and website, contact Christian Michaels today. We would be happy to advise on the best design features for your brand, and take the reins on your next project.

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