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5 Reasons Why Manchester is a Creative Hotspot

The thick fumes of Northern industry have held the British imagination for hundreds of years. Although we’re well past the point of massive chimneys coughing into the air, Manchester has seen renewed interest as a beacon of the UK economy. A lot of that is down to the creative spirit running through the bricks and mortar of our fair city, and we’d like to run down, if we may, why Manchester is a lightning rod for the arts and digital industries.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at why Manchester is a creative hotspot for sectors such as ours:

1. A Northern Powerhouse

Since the Conservatives won a majority last May, Chancellor George Osbourne has seen it fit to trumpet the neglected value of a Northern workforce. Whatever rhetoric is employed by officials, it’s still nice to have recognition from those holding the purse strings. With plans for HS2 and installing a mayor for Greater Manchester well underway, interest and investment in our city is skyrocketing.

2. Our Culture is Thriving

The city’s musical legacy is almost unbeatable; museums are experiencing record attendance; new club nights and restaurants are opening continually. Since our relatively affordable housing market chimes with a slew of young professionals eager to realise their destiny, Manchester is the go-to base for creative people entering a new career, or looking for a city where their ideas can take flight.

3. Location, Location

Enjoying a centralised position in the North West, the city is close enough to other major hubs – Leeds, the Peak District, Liverpool – without sacrificing its own sense of charm and personality. Thanks to a quality transport system, it’s easy to mooch around various districts without missing a meeting. As a Didsbury-based agency specialising in website design, we know appearances always matter, and Manchester certainly makes a good impression.

4. We’re Switched On

With an estimated contribution of between £120-300 million to the UK economy, Manchester’s digital agencies are pioneering systemic growth in the North, catering for businesses flocking to affordable rents and a cosmopolitan client base. As a part of this movement, Christian Michaels is proud to offer digital marketing services in Manchester for anyone looking to partner with a reliable, forward-thinking creative agency in the region.

5. A Social Network

One of the defining Mancunian qualities is a willingness to parade our plus points, drawing visitors from all over the world in pursuit of fun, creativity and enlightenment. Grass-roots networks and the city’s thriving universities mean that young talent has a lifeline for success. We wouldn’t have it any other way; it inspires us to see a carnival of great ideas, close enough to touch.

As an agency at the tip of Manchester’s cultural spearhead, Christian Michaels has seen great things happening on, and beyond, our doorstep.

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