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Winning Formula: How to Go for Gold with Your Blog Posts

Did you dabble in blogging for your business in 2015 without seeing the results you were hoping? Are you ready to have another crack at it in the New Year? If you answered with a resounding ‘yes!’ to both of those questions, then we’ve got some advice especially for you! Presenting our recipe for getting your blogs to a gold-standard, every time:

1. Keep it Topical, Unique & Relevant

This is an obvious starting point when it comes to content writing, but one that is all too often overlooked. When planning content, be sure that you’ve picked an idea that’s relevant to your business and in tune with what’s happening in the world at the moment (e.g. Christmas themes, but still tied into what your business does). And of course, remember to choose something unique to help you stand out with readers and Google!

2. Do Your Homework

Before writing any blog (that includes thought pieces on current events), it’s absolutely essential to do your research. One false statistic or disproven theory is enough to instantly ruin your blogging credibility, and you’ll soon find follower numbers dropping – not to mention a possible backlash if it’s a particularly controversial discrepancy.

3. Keywords Aplenty

Blogs are the perfect partner to your SEO efforts, and offer up a chance to sneak in keywords which Google can use to further boost your website’s ranking. Of course, it’s important to research relevant keywords first, make sure they’re embedded properly AND be careful not to add too many – otherwise Google will end up penalising you in a flash. A quick note, write for the reader not for search engine robots, so keep non sensical keywords like like 'looking for a web designer manchester' out. Write it as you expect it to be written.

4. Let’s Get Visual

Don’t be afraid to throw a splash of colour on your blog with an image at the top of the article – or even scattered throughout! Just remember, where possible, to give credit to the owner and to keep images relevant and interesting. Top tip: images are also a great opportunity for you to add more keywords as ‘alternative text’ in blogs. Don't forget to optimize your image file size as well to ensure the reader's device doesn't take too long to load it.

5. Tone is Everything

Whatever you do, make sure your blog is a) in line with the company’s tone and b) consistent throughout. Don’t start by sounding serious before descending into filthy jokes and one-liners by the conclusion – not only does it clash with your brand’s persona, but it also alienates regular readers who expect a voice consistent with the one they’ve come to know.

6. Easy Reading

Although the Flesch reading ease is decades old, it’s still found relevance in the 21st century when it comes to blogging. The test rates how easy a passage is to read, taking into account several varying factors, such as sentence length, word count and total syllables. When writing a blog, it’s best to keep the article flowing, and remember to make sentences easier to engage with for a better Flesch rating. On WordPress, this is calculated for you to help guide your blogging efforts.

7. Proof is in the Copy

Social media has made it easier than ever for readers to criticise business’ blogging efforts. Avoid the embarrassment of grammar fanatics pointing out any errors by thoroughly proofing your blog articles before posting it – trust us, it’ll save you a lot of stress further down the line.

8. Distribute, Distribute, Distribute!

Finally, you’ve got your brand new blog and you’re ready for the world to read it. Great! But the only way to get the world reading this masterpiece is to distribute it far and wide. This is where social media comes in – use hashtags, distribute to relevant LinkedIn groups, and remember to attach an eye-catching image on each platform to spread your content far and wide. Just remember to keep each platform’s audience in mind when distributing and you can’t go wrong! Good luck!

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