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The Whole Package: Why a Full-Service Digital Agency is Your Best Bet in 2016

When it comes to outsourcing your business’ online and offline marketing strategies, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the choices available to you. Thanks to a major boom in internet interest, there are now social media agencies, content marketing freelancers and web designers galore. But before you reach for the phonebook and start ringing around, here’s why you should consider sticking to a single, full-service digital agency instead…

Everything in One Place

We’re going with common sense on this one, as it’s in the name ‘full service digital agency’. Rather than maintain contact with four agencies – for example, social media manager, a copywriter, your web designer and an SEO company – you can be appointed just one main contact who can manage everything in-house for you. The weight this takes off of your schedule is tremendous as you’re no longer designating so much time to running between suppliers and calling them all up for individual progress reports. And having all of your suppliers in one place also means…

…Lower Costs for You

It’s absolutely guaranteed that if you put together the cost of working with the four parties we mentioned above, it will always end up being more expensive than choosing to work with a full service digital agency – and that’s before you’ve factored in separate marketing budgets and travel expenses going to different sets of meetings. Instead, enjoy all the great quality of multiple agencies with a singular, all-inclusive cost. Professional Standard

Different agencies can have different standards of professionalism, punctuality and quality – and it only takes one of your suppliers to be out of sync with the others to mess up the balance in your marketing strategy. With a full service digital agency, you can be sure that the quality of work is always going to be highly professional and that the team are measured to the same standard across the board.

Clearly Defined Strategy

When all of your digital marketing services are under one roof and managed by one in-house team, it makes managing the scope of your overall strategy much easier. Everyone in the team knows what they’re working on and your point of contact can provide you with a much needed progress report almost instantly, rather than running between each supplier to gauge whereabouts they’re at. Having this singular account management overview makes achieving your goals much easier and far more efficient.

Why Unifying Suppliers Doesn’t Work

So you may have read what we’ve said so far and wondered ‘why can’t I just put my suppliers into contact with one another?’ It’s a good question, but one that comes with three very particular shortcomings:

1. Egos: if two suppliers have similar services or a history of bad blood you weren’t aware of, they may be reluctant to work together – or the relationship can break down.

2. Lack of Control: without a singular presence to manage the overall project, the job falls to you, adding strain to your own workload. There’s also the risk of inter-agency communication breaking down as a result.

3. Differing quality: as we mentioned earlier, if the quality of work differs vastly between agencies, it can upset the balance of your digital marketing strategy.

In short, forcing a group of suppliers and individuals to work together can become hectic and runs the risk of inter-business quarrelling – leaving you high and dry and trying to manage even more work than before!

So this New Year, consider a full service digital agency instead and watch as your world becomes much simpler – and a whole lot more cost effective!

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