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5 Reasons Why Video Should Be Welcomed in Your Social Media Strategy

Videos are unsurprisingly popular on the internet; whether it’s a quick language lesson or a six hour compilation of funny cats, video is guaranteed to do so much better online compared to text and photo posts. Unfortunately, not enough businesses are taking the opportunity to incorporate video into their social media strategies – though we think they should reconsider (and here’s why):

1. Variety is the Spice of Life

This saying never gets old and is never a lie. People crave variety in their online content, and sticking to the same type of post or tweet will eventually bore your audience into not paying attention, or worse: leaving you altogether. Adding video into the mix gives you another medium with which you can play and opens up a whole new treasure chest of potential creativity. Perhaps you could put together a quick opinion video, or a tutorial? Maybe you could simply use video to jazz up a boring topic with something funny? Some brands even go on to make videos that will purposely go viral in order to use stealth marketing for their product. However you want to play it, with video the world is your oyster.

2. Great for Engagement Levels

It’s no secret that video is the preferred medium of social media users. Armed with this knowledge, it should come as no surprise that we’d be telling you to consider a place for video in your strategy. By adding a strategic call-to-action as well (either via annotation link such as on YouTube or Facebook’s own CTA button), you can make the most of all the extra attention your content is getting to generate traffic to your site – or potential sales.

3. Give the People What They Want

Knowing that engagement is higher on video posts makes it fairly obvious that video is what the people want – so why not give them exactly that? Social media is all about reacting to your audience, taking on board what they like and adapting your output to reflect that, whilst simultaneously drawing them towards your brand. If they’re not being listened to, however, it’s likely that impressions, engagement and audience numbers will begin to drop with rising disinterest.

4. Reach Further Than Before

A study by Socialbakers earlier this year showed that Facebook videos actually have further organic reach than any other type of content – that means you can put worrying about Facebook advertising to one side for the time being. The catch, of course, is that the video has to be uploaded to Facebook rather than embedded, but this shouldn’t be a difficult feat for a social media manager to handle.

5. Give Your Profiles More to Say

The ability to pin tweets means that your video can constantly appear at the top of your Twitter feed – and that’s prime advertising real estate. The first thing visitors to your profile will see is your video showing off what your company is capable of doing. Over on Facebook, the ability to feature a video on the left hand side means your profile has a permanent boost in content and your ‘about’ section has an extra dimension to it.

Have we managed to convince you yet? Just think: if a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how loudly a video is talking!

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