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4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Branding Agency Involved in Your Next Company Facelift

There comes a time when every company – no matter how big or small – feels the need for an image change. In the past, Apple has gone from colourful 80’s fodder to sleek 21st Century trendsetting, and Google is still part-way through its Alphabet update - and there are so many other notable examples. But the difference between Apple, Google and your business is a few million dollars and an internal branding team. When your budget isn’t quite on par with multinational giants, it’s time to look elsewhere – such as a branding agency a little closer to home! Here are just a few reasons why, when you’re thinking about an image reboot, you should get an agency involved:

1) Settle a Suitable Tone of Voice

Setting a tone of voice doesn’t sound like a difficult job, but in actual fact it requires time and research to pinpoint what the tone should be in order for it to be classed as acceptable and accessible. A branding agency will be able to understand your business, its offering and your market, carrying out research to identify which tones customers respond to the best, whilst ensuring it’s also suitable in terms of language, political alignments and whether or not smiley faces are included (no, really!)

2) Provide an Objective View

If you’ve got a board of directors to also get on your side – or just a strong-willed team of creatives – then it can be difficult to make sure everybody is happy. In truth, many ideas will be unsuitable, but when you’ve got to manage the process yourself, letting people know that without having them be offended is a difficult task. With a branding agency on your side, you’ll be provided with an objective point of view, willing to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what’s best for your company.

3) Provide Promotional Materials

You’ll often find that branding agencies also have the resources to provide print materials and promotional products, meaning that you’ve got one less supplier to deal with. If you’ve already engaged a branding agency, but kept the print materials as a separate supplier, then you’re making the job more difficult for yourself by creating a need for extra communication, opinions and cost.

4) They’ve Done This Before!

Branding agencies often have extensive experience in refreshing companies’ public images, and they’ve been doing it on a professional level for some time. You’ll also find that they’ve got additional experience as graphic designers, copywriters and communications experts. Although you have enthusiasm and a good eye for logos, it often isn’t enough when trying to build a new identity for a company – so save yourself a lot of stress and outsource your next branding refresh to a team who specialise in the area (you’ll save yourself a lot of stress!)

Looking to refresh your company’s image? Or simply need a helping hand when setting up a new venture? Get in touch with the Christian Michaels Agency to find out more about our professional branding services.

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