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Get in the Inbox: 6 Fantastic Uses for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a robust and amazingly useful tool for your digital strategy – so why aren’t you using it? For many businesses, the issue comes down to either time or the worry that there’s nothing really to say. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of just a few fantastic uses you could find for email marketing to inspire you – why not give them a try and start reaping the benefits?

1) Breaking News!

Newsletters have become synonymous with email marketing – and that’s because they’re a simple, fantastic idea with an array of benefits for businesses of all sizes. By sending a regular, monthly newsletter to clients and contacts, you’ll be able to keep them informed on both internal good news – such as new hires or office moves – and industry news which may affect them. For ecommerce companies, this is a chance to showcase brand new and exciting products to your loyal customers - before anyone else hears about them!

2) Straight Up Promotion

One straight-forward use for email marketing speaks for itself, and is the chance for you to let contacts here about new services you’re offering. Alternatively, use it to upsell your current clients and have them upgrade your offering. Meanwhile, ecommerce companies can directly promote an upcoming sale or discount to their most in-touch customers, ensuring attention when the sale arrives.

3) Traffic Galore

Email marketing is also a fantastic means for generating a large amount of website traffic from someone’s inbox. On emails such as newsletters, rather than writing out large amounts of text, simply link back to relevant articles on your website, with clear calls to action for visitors to spot when they arrive. This will allow you to push more visitors to the various areas of your website, and also works to get ecommerce customers from the email to a product’s own page (and closer to the ‘buy’ button!).

4) I Remember You

Any type of email marketing will help your clients and customers to remember that you exist – which is important in getting repeat business! Why not use email marketing to send a short email enticing back repeat clients, or to encourage inactive customers to give you another try? Add in new updates to your products or services, and you can increase the chance of returning business in a few clicks.

5) Extra Sales

With email marketing, there’s no reason to ever lose out on sales – with email marketing, you can appeal to consumers by suggesting similar products to their recent purchases, or contact site visitors who never finished their order in order to reclaim abandoned baskets. Be smart about it and you can easily clean up all those sales you would have normally lost out on.

6) Realistic Event Figures

Event promotion and reminder emails are a great way of keeping up to date with who’s in attendance and who isn’t – as well as making sure attendees either don’t miss said event, or are reminded to cancel because of a prior engagement. Those that couldn’t attend can then be contacted with an overview of what they missed and a link to future events, ensuring that you’ve always got a steady flow of attendees.

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