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Why We’re Excited to be a Part of the Northern Powerhouse Movement

It was only last year that George Osborne stood before intrigued crowds in the Museum of Science and Industry and announced the need for a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ to challenge the success and power of our southern counterparts down in London. Already the idea has caught on across the North of England, and Stockton South MP James Wharton is now leading the charge towards a revolution in the region.

But what is Northern Powerhouse? Rather than being a singular, physical movement or organisation, Northern Powerhouse is being touted as a concept – one which aims to guide the North’s united population of 15 million towards making the region a contender on a global scale. The idea comes at a fantastic time as Greater Manchester itself takes further steps towards its 2017 devolution, and as a result, it’s never been a better time to get behind innovation in Northern cities.

For us here at the Christian Michaels Agency, Northern Powerhouse is a chance for us to invest back into a thriving community which has already shown its resilience in the face of southern competition. Our pride in the region has given us the motivation to work towards achieving Northern Powerhouse’s collective goal and we’re looking forward to working with the very best in making this happen. It’s also reassuring to see such a surge of interest in the region from down south – arguably this has come – at least in part – from the growing rate of start-ups in northern cities, as well as our traditional strengths in areas such as manufacturing still going strong today.

Recently, we had the honour of attending a private event, invited by the fantastic Greater Manchester Chamber, which saw us meet Mr Osborne himself as he addressed a bustling room full of enthusiastic individuals, all of whom are ready to do their part in making the North a force to be reckoned with. Honestly, the event was a great chance to get professionals on board with Northern Powerhouse, and it certainly worked as it’s all we can think about now!

The concept isn’t universally adored however, as some quarters have spoken out about the focus being on Manchester – which only does so much as to make a ‘second London’ in the North. We couldn’t disagree more, however, as Manchester has already become a powerful city filled to the brim with creativity and business drive; by letting the city be at the centre of the Northern Powerhouse ideal, we’re able to get some real drive behind it and give professionals a scope much wider than just the area they’re used to working in.

In short, we’re excited about what Northern Powerhouse could do for the region – a region we’re very much proud and protective of – and the Christian Michaels Agency plans to be deep in the fray, getting involved wherever possible. Here’s to the future of the North – may it be spectacular!

Join the conversation on Twitter using #NorthernPowerhouse and let us know how you’re going to get behind the region!




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