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Keep Your Website’s User Experience Pleasant with These 8 Simple Tips

Having a flashy and amazing web design is great, but your site is still only really as good as the user experience – if users are finding it difficult to navigate or are unsure on what you’re trying to say then you have a serious problem. Luckily, we’re on hand with 8 simple tips to keep the user experience a positive one. Enjoy!

1. Use Familiarity

This one is especially true for mobile websites: over the last two decades, people have become used to seeing and understanding certain symbols and website staples, and you can use this to your advantage. For example, the three connected dots or the curved arrow are universal signs for ‘share’, just as a heart symbol means ‘love’; you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and keeping to familiar symbols and layouts can make things so much easier for your site users.

2. Keep Copy Clear

Before signing off any website copy, get someone who isn’t a family or friend to proof it for you – if it doesn’t clearly explain who you are, what you do and why people should do business with you without any prior context being provided, then it’s not clear enough. After all, people go to your website to find out about you, and everything they need should be provided online in one place.

3. Opt for Professional Photos

Yes, they cost a bit more and scheduling in a photoshoot can be a complex affair if you’re busy, but it’s totally worth it. Photos of your team lifted from Facebook will in no way give off the same sort of vibe or intention as a professional shoot, and the poor quality can make your website’s ranking (and reputation) suffer.

4. Simple Navigation is Key

There’s one fundamental thing you need to keep in mind with your website: people are lazy; if the information they want is more than three clicks away, it becomes a chore. Opting for a simple navigation system that gets users around the site and links back to previous pages is going to be more warmly received than a system that requires a map and a whole lot of patience.

5. Is it Mobile Optimised?

If your website isn’t mobile optimized then you should be prepared for Google to seriously be on your case following April’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ update. Most of your site visitors will be browsing on the go, so it’s essential to cater to them with a site that fits to the screen in their hand – if your site requires too much screen-pinching just to zoom in on tiny text, users will end up going elsewhere.

6. Don’t Weigh Down Loading Times

Too much content bogging down your website is going to slow down loading times – another area that Google is going after in defence of mobile users. In a world where you don’t really have to wait that long for anything anymore, a slow website is enough to drive users away forever.

7. Make the Call

Make your call to actions regular, engaging and clear. Adding a contact button or essential contact details at the top of the page (another familiar website feature that we’ve become accustomed to) could see you conversions double because you’ve made it much easier for a user engaging with your content to interact with you.

8. Remember to Test

Whatever you do, make sure your website is being tested at every stage. There’s nothing worse than putting in time, effort and money into a website, marketing its launch and going live only for the site to be full of bugs and riddled with holes. A buggy website makes for the worst user experience and it’s such a heartbreakingly straightforward practice that businesses are missing.

Give your users the positive experience they deserve: get in touch with the Christian Michaels agency today and let’s talk all things web!

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