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Will You Help Us to Reach Joseph’s Goal Together?

Actions most definitely speak louder than words, which is why agency owner Christian Michaels is tackling a new challenge head on in support of Greater Manchester-based charity, Joseph’s Goal. Would you be willing to help us to achieve Joseph’s Goal together?

What’s Happening?

On September 6th, Christian will be running the Wigan 10k – serious training is already underway, and Christian is looking forward to doing the charity proud! By running the 10k, Christian hopes to raise enough sponsorship to create a sizeable donation towards Joseph’s Goal.

What is Joseph’s Goal?

Joseph’s Goal is a charity set up by the grandparents of

the incredibly brave Joseph Kendrick, the 5 year old sufferer of the life-limiting illness Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH). The charity works to help support Joseph, fund research into the condition, and raise awareness of NKH so that other sufferers don’t have to feel alone. Together, we can help to achieve Joseph’s goal of make life better for those living with NKH everywhere.

What is Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia?

Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia is incredibly rare, only affecting 1 in 60,000 infants worldwide. The condition means that Joseph’s body can’t break down the amino acid glycine properly due to a defect in his genetic code. Glycine’s main function is to transmit signals between brain cells – with too much glycine accumulating, the function of the brain is disrupted leading to the diagnosis of NKH. Joseph battles seizures and developmental issues every day, but refuses to give in to NKH; early diagnosis indicated he wouldn’t survive past day 10, but he’s put every ounce of strength into living as best he can.

How Can I Help?

We’d like to ask as many people as possible to please consider sponsoring Christian for his efforts in the Wigan 10k by heading to Christian's donation page. Alternatively, you can donate through an SMS donation by texting NKHX and the amount (e.g. NKHX £10) to 70070.

All your help is very much appreciated and we’d also love if you could spread the word. Thanks for your support; Joseph, we’ll see you at the finishing line!

Find out more about Joseph’s Goal.



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