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Running Out of Marketing Options? Use PPC Advertising to Get to the Top

Generating traffic and getting those sales numbers up through Google can be a long and tedious process when you leave it to develop organically. For those with more time and patience, social media and content marketing are good options for speeding things along; for the rest, there’s pay per click advertising – and it’s well worth checking out.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertising – or PPC advertising if you don’t want people to think you’re saying ‘paperclip’ – is a method of online marketing which sees visits to your website ‘bought’ rather than being generated through organic means. If executed correctly – for example by a specialist PPC agency or freelance PPC consultant – the return on investment can be monumental, even keeping a website at the top of Google’s search results for weeks and months at a time, all the while generating a generous amount of online sales.

So it’s Not Organic? What’s the Difference?

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll know that we’re fans of great content and strategic keywords in order to get your brand to Google’s page one. These tactics – alongside social media and word of mouth – are all organic methods of generating results (traffic, sales etc.) and are worth the effort in the long-run. They are still, however, long-winded, and exposure is not guaranteed to the same degree. Instead, PPC management is paid, and is like having an extra bit of firepower in your online marketing arsenal. Choosing a paid method over organic makes for quicker results and a great investment; on occasion, it’s best to keep your food organic, and your marketing paid.

How Can it Help My Brand?

It’s not just a shortcut to Google’s page one – oh no! Pay per click advertising can help your brand to climb high above the rest with better attention on your content, and by placing your call to action immediately in front of the relevant online audience. Results include enhanced sign ups and sales, and much greater brand awareness.

How Does it Work?

In theory, PPC is pretty simple: you set up a Google account and pay them to list your ads in line with whatever budget you decide upon. Going for such a straightforward approach without the right experience, however, often leads to disaster and wasted funds. When it comes to proceeding with a PPC campaign, it really does pay to leave it to a professional pay per click consultant or PPC agency. In the right hands- and with additional content strategies in place - an expert well versed in PPC management can help your brand avoid Google’s pitfalls to make the most out of your budget.

OK…I Think I Need Help!

Leave it to us! The Christian Michaels Agency is a full service digital marketing and PPC agency in Manchester, with years of experience handling Google’s fickle nature. Unlike some, we believe that the most successful pay per click campaigns are based on detailed, multi-layered strategies. When our clients ask for our help, we like to ensure a personal approach to keep the whole thing from being overwhelming; each client is assigned their very own PPC consultant, kitted out with all the knowledge needed for success.

A PPC consultant’s job starts with thorough keyword research to narrow down what customers are searching for online, before moving on to creating engaging custom content to drive website conversion. We put together multiple high quality campaigns using AdGroups for each client, and monitor the campaigns as they run, allowing for fine-tuning as it progresses.

Taking the process a step further really does ensure you get more from Google, and is guaranteed to be faster than other digital marketing options.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with Google on a whole new level with help from The Christian Michaels Agency. Simply get in touch and we’ll get back to you to discuss!

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