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A B2B Content Marketing Agency Will Understand the Value of Great Content for Your Brand – But Do Yo

If you’ve ever been around any content marketing agencies or their employees, you may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ – and it’s true, every time. The meaning behind this phrase has come from a recent, more pronounced focus by search engines on website content - restricting who can climb to the top of page one by the quality and relevance of what’s on their website. Of course the importance of great website content isn’t strictly limited to how far up Google your brand can climb – there’s much more value in strengthening your content marketing strategy than just that, which we’re happy to tell you about!

Stay a Little Longer: Keeping Visitors Engaged

While it might not be difficult to get visitors to your site, it’s certainly easy to lose them once they’re there. By ensuring your website is kept up to date, with refreshed copy and new pages, you can even keep customers with the shortest attention spans engaged with your site. The results speak for themselves: a much more user-friendly journey, better conversion rates and repeat visits – it’s easy to see where the value lies when you bring sales into the equation. On top of this, adding new pages and refreshing on-site content have also been cited as one of the easiest ways of jumping up Google’s rankings.

Bolstering Your Content Marketing Strategy with Blogs

If you’re not including blog articles in your content marketing strategy, you need to have a serious re-think of your approach – content marketing agencies would be quick to say you’re missing out. Although they may seem time consuming – especially if you don’t have any stories you immediately consider to be newsworthy –blogs are key to getting the most out of your content marketing strategy. The importance of including blogs is threefold: readers are more likely to react to Calls to Action (CTA), time on site is increased, and your brand’s online authority is bolstered. Couple blog writing with distribution through your social media channels and you can triple the value of each article.

Blogs & Social Media are Perfect Partners

On top of bolstering your Google rankings and keeping visitors on site, great content marketing is also important in supporting your social media campaigns. By creating refreshing and informative blog posts, product information or even just an engaging ‘About Us’ section, you’ll be able to distribute a reserve of content across your social media platforms. In turn, this generates more traffic through clicks, making the whole scenario a win-win!

How Can The Christian Michaels Agency Help?

Of course, not everyone is gifted with Shakespeare’s command of the English language, and getting the right combination of relevance, keywords and information is essential when content writing. The Christian Michaels Agency is well versed in such matters, however - as a leading content marketing agency in Manchester, we’ve put pen to paper hundreds of times for our clients, helping them to understand the importance of content marketing for their brand. By researching your audience, industry and goals, we can add real value to your content marketing strategy – all the while increasing your online authority. What are you waiting for?

Need a content writer in Manchester to bring your blogs to life? Simply get in touch with the Christian Michaels Agency for professional content writing services and reap the benefits for your brand.

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