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Social Media Management for Businesses: How a Manchester Agency Can Make You More Appealing Online

We’re living in a digital world – there’s no longer any denying it. Existing in such a place means that our clients and customers are far more connected with brands than ever before, and as such companies become more accountable to consumers.

As traditional marketing loses popularity and the public head online, it’s important to follow them and consider the online options available to promote your brand – which is where social media management comes in.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s all about taking an active role in managing a company’s social media accounts, in an attempt to communicate with - and market to - an online audience.

Why Do Companies Use Social Media?

Apart from the aforementioned decline of traditional offline marketing, there are a number of fantastic and enticing reasons for why businesses are enthusiastically taking up social media marketing. Compared to other methods, for example, the cost is much lower – especially when compared to feats such as PR, where instead of appearing before a magazine’s readers for a large sum, your blogs can be targeted towards an entire Twitter audience of millions for a fraction of the cost. In particular, the affordability of social media is a massive draw for cash-strapped startups.

There’s also the priceless opportunity to appeal to a much wider customer base than would usually be possible, with new markets becoming available and an almost unending number of social media tools available to help you with audience targeting and exploration.

Sounds Great – But Why Aren’t More Businesses Doing it?

Unfortunately, undertaking social media management is a time consuming process. For businesses who know they should be online but don’t have the time, there can be the temptation to hire an individual for the specific role. Of course, this is costly and mostly unnecessary (unless you’re a multinational with cash to spare and a huge online presence to manage). That’s why many businesses taking up the practice turn to social media agencies instead.

Why Use a Social Media Agency?

Social media agency services come at a much lower cost than hiring in house, all the while covering everything from basic social media management up to large scale international campaigns – depending on the business’ needs. And of course, outsourcing massively saves time and hassle!

How Does the Christian Michaels Agency Help?

We’re a full service digital marketing and social media agency in Manchester, offering the full range of social media marketing services to a raft of different industries. Our clients are presented with an in-depth, realistic strategy, with no false promises and no extortionate costs. We pride ourselves on getting to know each and every client and their brand, all the while including them in the process to whatever degree they desire.

In particular, we have become well-known as a social media agency for business owners looking to reinvigorate their current online presence before bringing it back in-house – all without breaking the bank in the process. The online space is where we thrive, so we’re always happy to welcome clients to our world!

Your customers are online right now – so you should be too. Get in touch to request your proposal or to enquire about our social and competitor audits. It’s time to be social!

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