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How can the Services of a Manchester SEO Agency get your Company to Google's Page One?

Before the advent of Google’s various apps and ventures, the brand was famous simply as a fantastic search engine – and with good reason too. Google’s success is down to its complex and secretive algorithms which ensure every user finds what he or she is looking for – usually in the first page of results.

The downside to this? If you’re a business with a website and you’re not on page one, far fewer users are going to be exposed to you – and it may not even be your fault that you’re not there.

What’s worse is that the further you are from page one, the less likely users will continue to rifle through results looking for you – meaning lost sales opportunities and less traffic.

So how do you turn your Google fortunes around and get the website visitors you and your brand deserve? By playing Google at its own game, that’s how!

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – is a means by which a website’s ranking can be increased by optimising each page for Google’s search algorithms. Optimising pages with keywords and content will pave the way to the top of Google’s page one – and right in the eye line of your potential customers and visitors. It doesn’t really matter what your website is used for - it could promote your professional services, sell the latest handbags, or take bookings for events – without the correct optimisation on and off page, you’ll be constantly battling an uphill struggle to drive sales and generate traffic far from the Google spotlight.

What Other Benefits Does SEO Have?

Increased traffic, however, is not the only benefit you’re likely to find when employing top notch SEO services. A lot of marketers and businesses choose this to increase their brand awareness because it’s a type of inbound marketing: your targeted audiences are already looking for you – you’re just making it easier for them to find you! This means that the cost is often substantially lower than outbound marketing, and far less intrusive. And because an SEO campaign – and all its component parts – can be easily tracked in detail, there’s a clear ROI to show off to directors, investors and your team. Neat, huh?

Sounds great! So How Do I Get Started?

To properly optimise your website, you’ll need the proper keywords, a strategy, great content and an understanding of Google’s algorithms – and preferably some assistance. Having someone with experience on side is crucial when undertaking such a mammoth task, as an SEO expert’s professional life often revolves around keeping up to date with Google and its inner workings - whereas for a novice, it’s often considered overwhelming and complex.

What Help is Available?

You’ll be glad to know, that there’s plenty of help at hand. If you’re looking for a truly expert SEO agency in Manchester, however, then the Christian Michaels agency is the choice for you. We absolutely thrive on providing top quality digital and SEO services, and love watching our clients’ websites climb search engine ranks (we know that sounds nerdy, but it really does make us excited!).

How Does the Christian Michaels Agency Work to Improve SEO?

You’d be hard-pressed to find an SEO company in Manchester willing to work as hard on raising your rankings as the Christian Michaels Agency. We work closely with clients, building success on the base of a watertight strategy that comprises three basic elements: auditing, on-page optimisation, and finally off-page optimisation. This strategy allows us to inspect our clients’ websites, update and improve various areas, and build on-site strength to form a strong foundation for off-site SEO to launch from (that’s the really exciting bit).

OK, I’m Convinced – I Want to be on Page One! What Next?

Well, for a professional and friendly agency specialising in SEO services in Manchester, look no further than Christian Michaels – get in touch with us to order your SEO audit and take the first step to page one.

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