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4 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

So by now you should all be aware about how important content marketing is. With the ever changing Panda and Penguin algorithms we are finding that Google is now placing more and more emphasis on high quality content that provides a positive user experience.

Thankfully, SEOs and other web marketers are catching on and are now also placing the same kind of emphasis on producing high quality content.

Now the challenge is on creating this high quality content that Google and readers love. So how can you do it? How can you supercharge content that is ordinary and turn it into something that is extraordinary?

1. Attention Grabbing Headlines

Your headlines are crucial. If you don’t have an attention grabbing headline then there is a strong chance your blog post won’t even get read. Creating the kind of headline that stops a reader dead in their tracks can be complex and many great writers will confess to spending hours working on a brilliant headline.

That is how important it is to getting your blog post read. However, we don’t expect you to spend this much time on a headline. There are, however, some little tricks you can use that have been proven to produce winning headlines:

  • The Direct Approach: Free bodybuilding ebook

  • The Indirect Approach: Cut the sweet talk

  • News Headline: Hospital opens diabetes clinic

  • How-to-Headline: How to get a 6 pack

  • Question Headline: Is your diabetes out of control?

  • Command Headline: Get help: for your diabetes now

  • Reason Why Headline: Five reasons why you need to get your diabetes under control

  • Testimonial Headline: “I got my life back, thanks to this ebook!”

These headline starters above have been tried and proven to work so if coming up with a headline is something you struggle with then simply pick one of these and play around with a few headlines. Eventually, you’ll get one that is attention grabbing.

2. Implement Great Content

Every great piece of content starts with a great idea. However, you need more than a great idea and by following these 6 steps you can turn a great idea into great content:

1. Interesting Intro

So you’ve captured their attention with the headline and they’re now interested in what else you have to say. However, this is where the work begins. You need to draw them in with an interesting intro so they will keep reading the rest of your post.

2. Start Using Images

Using images is a great way to break up long text and keep a reader engaged on another level. Use at least one image in your posts from now on for that extra bit of attention and engagement.

3. Being Organised

Stay on track with your post. Don’t ramble on about something different to the topic and have some kind of outline to stick to. Content that doesn’t follow some kind of outline, structure, and the key ideas that are being presented is bound to do poorly.

4. Write Naturally

Write in your own voice - meaning write the way you speak. This way you will appear conversational in your writing style and will allow you to write with personality so you can connect with your readers.

5. Using Links

Linking to other great content reinforces your point and it also helps to build your authority. A bonus is that the person you are linking to may notice and this can lead to a new relationship.

6. Call to Action

A call to action is crucial. You need to let your reader know what actions to take and you can do this with a call to action. Want someone to subscribe to your email list? Then use a call to action at the end of each blog post.

3. Using Multimedia

Multimedia is another great way to add an extra level of engagement to your blog posts. You can do this in the form of videos, infographics, and even audio.

Google now values positive user experience and providing multimedia as another way to do this is a great idea.

4. Think Outside The Box

Sometimes to get that extra bit of attention and engagement to your posts you need to think outside the box. How can you add more creativity to your posts? What can you do to really stand out with your post?

In Conclusion

It is more important than ever for both Google and readers that bloggers provide high quality content. Using the four tips above you can significantly improve your chances of turning something that is ordinary into something great.

So play around with these four tips and have fun applying them in your future blog posts. What have you found is a great way to make your content stand out?

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