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5 Reasons Why Social & SEO are a Match Made in Heaven

When planning digital marketing strategies, all too often businesses will opt for choosing between either social media or SEO – without realising that together they’re an unstoppable pair that can revolutionise your website traffic! How, you ask? Let us tell you:

1) Better Quality Traffic

Google wants to see a lot of things when it’s deciding whether or not your website will rise to the dizzying heights of page 1 or fall to the untouched depths of page 3, and one of those things is a strong social presence. Links back to your content from reputable social media networks (the big three in particular: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as Google+) have a lot of value behind them, meaning not only is your overall traffic increased, but the quality that goes along with it is considered to be better. Additionally, if your social engagement levels are high enough and people are sharing your content, you can expect Google to favour you even more.

2) An Opportunity for Link Building

By working together in a manner similar to the above, SEO and social are able to build reliable, trustworthy links that will see you capture far more user data and possible conversions than if you only used one or the other in your strategy. Leveraging natural social links can be as simple as ensuring that your social channels and landing pages are optimized for the incoming traffic – it’s really just a matter of putting link to your website in your Twitter bio or YouTube video and checking there are links back to the main site from your content.

3) Build Your Online Authority

At the moment, the jury is out on just how much social signals can affect your domain authority, but in some examples brought to light this year, Google has been shown to increase said authority when websites are receiving positive social signals from users – most likely because they’re classed as ‘brand signals’, which Google loves.

4) Listen in on Social Chatter

Social media is, in essence, a great big communications tool – and if used properly, it offers an unparalleled insight into what’s popular among the masses at any given time. Pair that up with your SEO and content strategy and you’ve found an effective way to help you to decide what content should be written and distributed next. If done correctly, this will lead to share-worthy content finding its audience and sending people back to your website.

5) Google’s Love Affair with Itself

Sadly, Google+ didn’t become the revolutionary social media platform we would all fall in love with, as Google had predicted it would. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re going to let Google+ go without a fight. By adding the platform into your social strategy, you can experience a healthy boost to your SEO thanks to location authentication, virtual tools, easy embedding with YouTube and Google’s own favouritism for the platform. In short, even if you don’t enjoy it as a social network, it’s worth doing something on Google+ simply for the SEO benefits.

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