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Grow Your Following On Pinterest With These 10 Tips

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social networks on the web. At this stage Pinterest has roughly 500,000 business pages and some 70 million users and what this represents for millions of business owners around the world is opportunity.

The growth of Pinterest has been huge so it should go without saying that you should be on this social media platform. Pinterest is a tool you should be using to grow your business and build your brand. However, this isn’t possible unless you have a decent amount of followers so what I’ll be exploring in this post is how you can get more followers.

10. Promoting Individual Boards

This is an efficient method to grow your following because we are all busy people so instead of going through the entire profile of someone who’s grabbed your attention you should narrow your focus by promoting a single, most popular board.

It’s kind of like promoting your most successful blog posts except now you’re doing it with your most popular Pinterest boards.

9. Host Contests

Contests are one of the most popular ways to get more followers on all social media platforms and this includes Pinterest. It is very simple to run a contest on Pinterest, and could be something as simple as having users pin and re-pin in order to win a prize. You could also introduce prizes to people who follow you as a way to increase loyalty of your followers. Either way, you should be hosting contests in some way because they are easy to do and always garner attention for your account.

8. Identify Relevant Keywords, Descriptive Titles, and Appropriate Hashtags

Before you start promoting your board check out the competition by seeing what keywords are relevant to your brand, and which ones are increasingly popular. The one’s that are the most popular are the one’s you should be targeting and it’s a great idea to look for long tail keywords.

It’s also important to make sure that you use good descriptions for all of your images. Make them personal because it will be more engaging for users. Appropriate hashtags should also be used but they should be relevant for the Pinterest search feature.

7. Be Sure to Follow Other Pinners

It’s important that you follow other people if you want to achieve steady growth with your Pinterest account. If you follow around 5-10 new people each week then hopefully some of them will follow you back, and this works similar to Twitter.

However, don’t just follow anyone. Follow people in your niche because then it means that you are more likely to attract the kind of followers you want. It is easy to check how many followers you have. What you do is head over to where it says My Pinterest Boards and click on the “### Followers”. If it gives you the option to follow them then it means you’re not following them so click on “Follow.”

6. Be Sure to be Commenting, Re-pinning, and Tagging

Go to the Popular section of Pinterest and comment on the pins that you like. Don’t leave some generic comment though, try and post something interesting and engaging that shows you really took the time to study the image. Doing this is a great way to attract attention to your own account and gain more followers. Just be careful to not go overboard with posting comments because too many can be considered spam by Pinterest. Use your common sense on this one.

Another great tactic is to repin photos from different users that you find interesting. You should also tag users by using the “@username” because they will get a notification letting them know that you are promoting their business. This is a great way to expand your reach and potentially create new, lasting relationships with business owners in your niche.

5. Take Advantage of Holidays and Special Occasions

One of the most effective ways to quickly gain exposure is by taking advantage of holidays and special occasions. Think of holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and many others that are on your country’s national calendar. When these occasions come up you should create a board that is specific to them and hopefully this will help you attract more followers.

4. Include the Pinterest Follow Button

You should always include the Pinterest follow button on your website (and do the same for your other social media accounts) and also make sure it is present on all of your web pages. This also applies for each blog post you write. If people like your content and you have a clearly visible Pinterest follow button then they will be far more likely to click on it and go to your Pinterest page.

3. Linking Pinterest With Your Other Social Media Accounts

Linking your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc, is a great way to get more followers. Another great idea is to use your other social media accounts to promote your Pinterest account. This is very effective if you have a particular social media account that is very popular because you can then draw those followers over into your Pinterest account.

2. Join Popular Collaborative Boards

A great way to quickly attract new followers is to join popular group boards. If you regularly contribute to these boards then people will start to look at you as an authority in your industry, thus they’ll be more likely to follow you. This is also a great way to network online because you can meet other people, particularly establishing relationships with more influential people on Pinterest.

1. Be a Curator But Also Post Original Images

Many images you see on Pinterest are repins, it’s somewhere around 80% so that means only 20% of what is being posted is original. This means opportunity for you because you can post your own infographics, picture quotes, and various other images.

Your content needs to reflect your brand and be consistent with what you are trying to build. Doing this will help you come up with a consistent brand and it will make it easier for people to gravitate towards you.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks on the web and if you are not using it to help promote and build your business then you are missing out on a big opportunity. You should be using Pinterest and you should be consistent with it, and you’ll see your number of followers grow quickly.

Use these 10 methods and you’ll quickly build a solid foundation on Pinterest for promoting and growing your business.

What are your favourite methods for attracting new followers on Pinterest?

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