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The Importance of Investing in Your Content and Not Just “Content Marketing”

More and more clients are now finally beginning to understand the importance of content marketing. Now it is getting easier to “sell” clients on why they should be creating that YouTube video, writing that blog post, creating an ebook, and various other content marketing strategies. Creating content has other benefits as well like helping to build your brand so it’s great that people are starting to realise the importance of content marketing.

However, there are still some problems that are concerning regarding content marketing.

Whilst the trend towards flashier content is growing, this is beginning to come at the expense of some of the more foundational aspects of a business. Think of web pages like the About page, Home page, product pages, and more. Many business owners aren’t taking some of these fundamentals of a website seriously.

This is a big problem because these aspects of your content marketing are all a part of building your brand. If you are not taking this aspect of your business seriously then you are going to affect the kind of brand you’re trying to build.

Content is Crucial to Branding

This is something that many people tend to forget. Content isn’t just about getting some useful information out and spreading awareness of your business. It’s also about building your brand.

The reason it’s a part of building your brand is because your content is uniquely you. It needs to contain your personality, the uniqueness of your business. This is why it’s a fatal mistake to outsource content creation to people who simply aren’t qualified.

Your content should sound unique. It should sound like it was written by you. That’s why it’s such a crucial part of your branding efforts. This is what you should be going for, to build a brand that sounds and feels like you with every piece of content you create.

Content Influences a Users Experience

Content also plays a role in the experience your users have when they land on your site. This is because the words you use on your pages influence the emotional response of your users. The words you use influence the way your message and brand is perceived by users.

It all plays a crucial role in influencing the way a user experiences your site.

Think about it this way. If you can influence them in a positive way, make them feel a positive experience, then they are more likely to return to your site time and time again.

Content creation needs to focus on the experience you will provide your users and only you can provide an amazing experience. There is a lot of marketing noise in the business world now but if you can provide your users with an amazing experience time and time again, they’ll consistently pick you over everyone else.

This is why it’s disastrous to leave content creation to people who do not understand your brand, and what you represent.

Content Also Sells

There is more to content than simply providing information and a great experience. It also sells and that is the point.

Everything on your site should sell in some way. This doesn’t necessarily mean hard selling as in telling people to buy your product or service, but also selling your business and your brand. It means selling you and what you do. What your content that informs is also doing, is selling your business even if you don’t realise it.

It serves as a means to position your business as an authority within your industry. It helps with positioning your business in the minds of your ideal customers. This is why whoever is in charge of your content creation must know what they are doing when it comes to creating great content.

Content Helps Increase Conversions

Content also helps with the conversion process.

Every bit of content you produce that informs, provides an experience, all contributes to the overall conversion process. Think of it like this. If you write an amazing blog post that really touches people who read it then they are going to be much more likely to sign up to your newsletter. The same deal goes for any content you produce whether it’s a video, ebook, etc.

This is the sort of thing that no intern can do. Only someone who knows your business and your brand is going to be able to produce content that has this effect and that is why it’s crucial that you are involved in this process.

In Short

Leaving your content creation to your intern, family member, or anyone who doesn’t know your brand is a big mistake. Granted people outside of your business can learn your brand but until you find someone that understands your brand, you shouldn’t be removing yourself from this process.

Content creation is just as important as the marketing side of it and if you choose to ignore it, you’re doing so at your own peril.

Our content marketing and writing experts are on hand to fully understand your business and your brand and can help with writing informative, engaging content which can then be distributed to your audience to establish you as an expert and leader in you niche. Contact us for more information.

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