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Use These 6 Tips to Write Successful LinkedIn Articles

Back in February LinkedIn opened up their publishing platform to all users. This got everyone very excited because it mean’t that there was now another social media platform that would help businesses publish their content. However, many business owners are finding out that this is not as easy as it seems so in this article I’ll be discussing what you need to do to make your content stand out and get that visibility you crave.

Writing Articles That Will Succeed on LinkedIn

Writing articles that will succeed on LinkedIn is essential if you want to use this platform to grow your business. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. The biggest benefit you will get from publishing content on LinkedIn is the direct traffic that it sends to your site so it’s worthwhile spending time learning how to successfully write articles for LinkedIn.

1. Focus on Topics That Your LinkedIn Audience Wants

You have to be fussy about what you post on LinkedIn because sometimes the demographic won’t be a good fit for your audience. For example take a gossip blog, posting something about a high profile celebrity on LinkedIn isn’t going to work because LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals.

The kind of content you should post that is a good fit for the demographic of LinkedIn users is content that is engaging and will help users learn. You should always keep in mind what your LinkedIn audience wants before posting content.

2. Only Publish Once Per Week and Be Consistent

There is a general rule of thumb on LinkedIn that you should post content once per week and once per week only. If you look at the way top influencers on LinkedIn post content they generally post content only once per week but they do it consistently.

It’s important that you do this once per week consistently if you want to see results. Whilst this isn’t a proven rule for publishing content it is based on the success of past influencers so there is plenty to learn from it.

3. Limit Posts to 800 Words If You Can

It’s important that you try and keep your posts to 800 words because LinkedIn is the kind of platform where people want something quick and informative to read. It isn’t the kind of platform that is designed for long posts so keep this in mind when publishing content on there. There are other social media platforms that are better suited for that type of content.

4. Remember Internal Linking

Internal linking is just as important on LinkedIn as it is on other platforms. Remember to link to previous LinkedIn posts that are relevant to what you’re talking about so you can keep people on your page and get them reading more of your material. Another important tip is to link to other sources throughout the Web and even LinkedIn posts by other users.

5. Be Sure to Respond to Comments

Responding to comments is important on every platform that you publish on but it’s even more important on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has even admitted that the more you interact and engage with people through comments on your own posts and others then the more influence and popularity you’ll gain through the site.

6. Check Your Analytics

Checking your analytics is essential for determining what kind of articles perform best with your audience. It will tell you what articles get the most views, comments, and even social shares so it’s something that you should absolutely pay attention to. Using the analytics you’ll be able to work out what type of posts you should focus on producing.

LinkedIn will even send you emails occasionally to let you know how well your posts are performing along with some tips about how you can improve your posts. So analytics is something you need to pay attention to if you want to achieve success with your articles on LinkedIn.

Another Tip

Something else you should do is promote your article inside and outside of the LinkedIn platform. If you build external links to your posts through different social media platforms then it’s going to help build your visibility, credibility, and authority.

In Summary

Publishing content on LinkedIn is vital if you want to grow your business. However, publishing content on this platform needs to be done in a particular way because LinkedIn is not like every other social media platform. It is a social media platform for professionals so it’s important to keep that in mind.

However, if you follow these six steps and do so consistently you’ll start to see reward from your efforts.

What kind of success have you had publishing content on LinkedIn?

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