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12 Things You Must Avoid Doing With Your Blog Post

There are a lot of successful bloggers out there who regularly post great blog posts. However, there are also a lot of bloggers out there who publish blog posts that are an epic fail. The successful bloggers aren’t lucky with their blog posts, they just know what kills a blog post and they avoid it.

Here I’ll show you how to avoid 12 things that are guaranteed to make your blog post fail miserably.

1. Crafting a poor headline

Your headline is one of the most important things you write. Why? It basically tells a reader whether or not your post is worth reading. Your headline needs to appeal to them and show them that there is going to be something valuable for them to read in your headline.

The same also applies for sub headings and subject lines. You need to show a reader that what you’re writing is worth reading.

2. Not linking to old posts

Linking to old posts you’ve written is important because:

• It helps prove your point

• The links drive traffic to your older posts

• The links contain keywords you can rank highly with

• Links are a great way to direct Google spiders through your site

Each post past and present is valuable to your business and you shouldn’t forget it.

3. Not linking to other bloggers

Linking to other bloggers is important because it helps get other people involved in the conversation. Not only does it help get others involved in the conversation but it is a great way to show your appreciation and respect for work that has been done by other bloggers.

Here is where the value in linking to other bloggers comes from:

  • You draw others into the conversation, which adds further value to your post.

  • You give credit to other bloggers for the great work they’ve done. This is also a great way to make that initial first contact with someone you want to connect with.

  • This helps to build your authority because outbound links are just as important as inbound links.

4. Remember to fill out your page title and description fields

This is important so that your post actually ranks in search engines. It’s no good writing a great post if you haven’t filled out the page title and description fields. These help to make sure you rank for the right keywords. The easiest way to rank for the right keywords, when using a Wordpress blog, is to use the All-in-One SEO pack, which will show you if your post is optimised or not.

5. Creating a rubbish URL

Don’t create posts with complex URL’s that make it impossible for a search engine to rank you for. You need to give your post a decent URL with the keywords you want to be ranking for if you want to give your post any chance of ranking in search engines.

There are a few key approaches when it comes to URLs such as:

Long form + tracking digits: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/a-quick-and-dirty-guide-to-modern-day-link-baiting/37115/

Date + long-form: http://www.quicksprout.com/2012/01/23/how-to-design-your-blog-for-awesome-seo/

Short form: http://www.copyblogger.com/writing-bullet-points/

6. Plagiarising the work of other bloggers

Plagiarising other bloggers is a surefire way to kill not only your blog but your reputation. It is easy to fall to this temptation at times because creativity can run dry at times, especially if you are writing content everyday like some bloggers advocate.

Plagiarism is something you should avoid at all costs. There are a few articles that you can read to get a better understanding of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:

7. Not publishing at least one post per month

It is hard to publish one post per month especially when you are busy but it’s something that you need to do. The less you post, then the less chance your newest post has of gaining any traction.

If you publish only one post every two months then you may as well not post at all because your traffic is going to dry up significantly.

8. Not using easy to read paragraphs

There is nothing worse than trying to read a blog post that does not use well spaced paragraphs. Reading big chunks of copy together is an eyesore that makes it difficult for readers to read your post.

Make an effort to write in short paragraphs with short sentences. You need to write in a way that makes it easy for anyone to read.

9. No presence on social media platforms

You need a presence on social media because it’s a great way to get extra traction for your blog post. When you promote your blog post through various social media outlets you are increasing the chances of it getting in front of more people. Of course managing lots of social platforms can be a real nightmare but fear not, our blog post on the top 10 social media tools is sure to help.

10. Make sure you invite readers to leave comments

It can be difficult at times to get people to comment on your blog especially if you have a blog that’s just starting out. It can also be disheartening to have a number of blog posts with no comments on them. However, if you follow all of the steps from above those comments will come eventually.

One way you can increase comments on your blog is by simply asking them to do so. You don’t ask directly to leave comments but ask a question at the end of each post that furthers the conversation that has been started by your blog post.

For example if you’ve just written a post on the topic of social media marketing, at the end of the post you could leave a question like, “What other metrics should marketers be using to measure the success of their social media campaigns?”

Pretty simple technique but a great way to increase comments on your blog posts.

11. Write about a topic people actually care about

If you write about a topic that your audience doesn’t care about then your post is going to fall flat. You need to make sure you write about topics that people actually care about. The same can also be said for topics that others are already doing well.

Whatever field it is you are in you need to be able to do a better job or at least compete with others who are already doing well. If you're struggling for ideas on topics to write about, take a look at our blog post aimed at helping you overcome blogger's block with some great content suggestions.

12. Never give up

Giving up is the biggest source of failure in not only blogging but pretty much everything. If you never give up then you can never fail. Blogging is a touch gig and requires a lot of work and a commitment to succeed.

The majority of blogs are not an overnight success. They require years of consistent work and effort. If you have a vision and the commitment to succeed then your blog can be a success like many other successful blogs out there.

In Conclusion

Following these 12 steps is fairly simple and essential to making sure that you succeed as a blogger. Every blogger who is now a success follows these simple steps and they are just like you. They all started from nothing and built their blogs up over time.

You can also do the same as long as you apply that same consistent effort.

Have you ever made these blog killers on your own posts before or do you have other tips to help make a blog post stronger?

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