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The 3 Web Design Tips for Outstanding Website Layouts

Do you understand the concept of design?

Design is a concept that means turning something like an idea (the unseen) into something we can all visualise in reality. Everything likes texts, videos, action buttons and the rest were all created from this design concept and then turned into reality.

In web design, this concept is used to convey creativity, innovation, and knowledge. There are many ways in which website designs and website layouts use this concept to attract visitors and convey certain pieces of information to the user.

There are already a number of well designed websites which use this concept brilliantly. Think of the website www.Disney.com. Their website is set up in a way perfectly using this concept so that it conveys the image of fun. Everything from the text used, the images, videos, action buttons are designed to convey this image of fun but also invoke fun as a feeling in visitors to the website.

This is vital to any company’s success. That ability to really convey the information you want and inevitably persuade visitors on your site to take the actions that you want is priceless. This is why every company needs to have great web design and website layouts.

There are a few things you need to know as you sketch out your web design ideas. I’m going to list those web design tips below to make things easier for you.

1. User experience through intuitive navigation

When creating a design for your website you need to thinking of it in terms of how it will please your visitors. You need to make it easy for your visitors to navigate around your site. The more that they can do without even thinking about it, the better. If they like it then they are far more likely to return when another product or service you supply is offered.

2. Design wisely and consistently

The primary goal of your website is simple; it’s to attract a visitors attention so that they will buy your product or service. That is the whole point in all of this. However, your website needs to be designed wisely in order for this to happen.

Your website needs to have a clear design concept so that your product or service is easy to find. This way people will keep coming back for more and that is exactly what you want them doing. Your website needs to have a clear balance between text and images with a clean website design. The important things need to stand out so they catch a visitor’s eye. Your images need to be clear to look at. These are all important considerations.

3. Test it several times before going live

Before going live with your website make sure you test it. Show it to your friends, your neighbours, to everyone who cares and get their honest feedback on it. Whilst it isn’t necessary to fret over all the feedback comments consider each one as important because you may find that crucial piece of information that will help you to polish up your site.

Testing is one of the most important things you can do. It prevents you from losing potential visitors and sales, which is something you definitely don’t want.

Web design is something that is not easy. It takes a lot of time to get it right but it can be done. Tinker with your site and try to see it through the eyes of your visitors and eventually you’ll have a winning design on your hands.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. They are the three pillars that are crucial for winning web design. Winning website design is not something that is not easy to implement. It takes time but it’s worth the time involved and if you are an online business then it’s something you need to care about. A great web design can win you new customers and sales, and a poor one the exact opposite. So this is not something to take light heartedly.

How have you found implementing your own website design and do you have any web design tips of your own?

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