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Use Seasonality to Boost your PPC Performance

PPC is seen as one of the easiest ways to give your website greater exposure in the search results. The only problem is that with so many companies all bidding on the same keywords, how do you make your PPC campaign adverts stand out from the crowd, tapping into the users thought process?

The answer is... seasonality.

By using seasonality to influence the content of your adverts, you will instantly create adverts which are fresh and relevant to the search. Thus making your website stand up and shout "hey I'm here click me!".

Don't be fooled into thinking you should only use seasonality around your high season. Matching your adverts’ copy and the content on your landing pages around the current season, is a sure fire way to boost click through rates and conversions when on site.

Think about the wording in your adverts; your mission as a PPC campaign manager is to provide adverts as relevant as possible to what the user is searching.

So what should your ads be relevant to?

  • The search query and keywords used

  • The needs of the user

  • The product or service you're advertising

  • The landing page of that product or service

Tie these in with the current season and you'll be creating adverts more tempting than an ice cream to a child on a hot day.

Consider if you will the idea of marketing your products or services using PPC together with seasonality around New Year. Advert content could consist of "Want to make a change in 2014? Stick to your resolutions with...".

Now, consider the added effect of changing your on page content to match the season. You can understand why it might be more enticing for click-throughs to convert into paying customers. Your advert was not only relevant to what they wanted but it reflected the mood of the season, as did your website content. You've very quickly personalised the users’ whole journey making it irresistible.

I know what you're thinking, New Year is such an obvious seasonal tie-in, what else is there that I can use? Every year is full to the brim of seasonal themes and holidays, whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter. Look at current events, for example the Royal Wedding, Olympics, World Cup. What about holidays such as Bank Holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Taking the time to think about what's happening seasonally and using that to power your adverts and on page content, will keep your adverts fresh and your customers clicking.

What seasonal events have you used to power your PPC campaigns?

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